High-stakes players are generating the majority of most casino profits. While they are far fewer in number, they bring much more money to casino owners than other players. Therefore, all the casinos are desperately trying to attract such visitors. This is done by creating special incentive programs and comfortable conditions for high rollers.

Not all players are aware of the so-called VIP status benefits for gamblers. In this article, you will find useful information about special offers for such clients which they get in most gambling clubs in the world.

How To Become a High Roller?

Every year, casino players spend more and more money and the industry's revenue is constantly growing. There is no fixed amount, by spending which a casino customer automatically acquires the high roller status. In this situation, social status or fame does not matter too.

A casino high roller is an experienced player who has the resources to make big bets. Also, such a player is not afraid of losing huge money. In most cases, the institution assigns VIP status to those who regularly bet impressive amounts and continue to do so, regardless of the outcome. Ideally, a high roller does not chase the fabulous prize money but enjoys the big money game itself.

The title of a VIP high roller is assigned automatically to regular casino visitors, who have spent a certain amount of money on deposits during a short period of time. Also, this status can be obtained through a special program that involves accumulating points in different games. Most often, this is a loyalty program in which players are gradually moving up from level to level. And, after reaching the maximum, they get access to all the privileges of highest payout online casino institutions.

Top 10 Benefits of Being a High Roller

1. Personalized Service

High rollers are served by personal managers. Such clients receive payouts as soon as possible. Also, increased limits on the withdrawal of winnings are set for them.

2. Gifts

VIP players receive bonuses and various gifts on birthdays and major holidays.

3. Separate Gaming Rooms

Important players always enjoy a calm and comfortable gaming experience in premium rooms.

4. Possibility To Meet Celebrities

Not all celebrities are high rollers, but they always play in the same special VIP rooms because of their status.

5. Free Lodging

High rollers always receive an offer to spend a night in casino hotels. They often get a huge discount or even stay for free in the best rooms with a fantastic view.

6. Invitation To Private Parties

In addition to games, casinos constantly organize various events for regular players. High rollers are the first to receive invitations to all concerts and other private shows.

7. Free Spins

Usually, free spins are available to all customers, but high rollers can use them on the most popular slot machines.

8. Cashback

Partial cashback can work for all users, but VIP players get back the highest percentage of spent money.

9. Private Tournaments

Casinos regularly organize poker, roulette, and other special tournaments which are open exclusively to high rollers.

10. Lotteries

VIP lotteries offer the possibility to win some huge and expensive prizes: jewelry, cars, real estate and etc.


A high roller is a casino visitor who plays at high stakes and is not afraid of losing money. Not everyone can become a high roller, as you need to have huge capital and a great gambling enthusiasm. But if you manage to become one, any casino will gladly provide various bonuses and special offers to make your gaming experience unforgettable.